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norbert nirewicz



Born in Poland some years ago......

I attended the national school for fine arts for 9 years.

I have spent almost 2 decades traveling the world as a professional ballet artist. Whether it was japan, Venezuela, Germany, Russia, east or west coast USA, my camera never left my side....

I love life and all of the beauty in it....that's a big part of why i became a be able to freeze those moments forever.

I have a bit of an accent, but not so much so that we are going to need a translator...:-)

When I am not behind the camera you'll find me playing with my dog or having a glass of wine with my awesome other passion....

A photo shoot with me is relaxed. i try to be organized and efficient, and want your experience to be pure fun.

I love capturing you...just being you.

my tools of choice are Nikon equipment....

i hope you will find me to be easy to work with...occasional out of the box ideas will get you that great shot, even if that means i have to hang from a tree or kneel in the mud....:-)

As a prior professional ballet dancer I have plenty of knowledge about perfect, graceful lines and all the right angles...

thank you for reading my bio, but in the end it's all about you and those images that will make you smile or (happy) cry for years to come.

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